Our History

A lot has changed over our 146 year history, but the values that have helped us connect with consumers for generations still inspire us today.

Innovative Heritage
The Campbell Story

At Campbell, we make many of your favorite products including cookies, crackers, sauces and drinks, as well as organic baby food and fresh carrots. But soup is how we started. In 1869, Joseph Campbell, a fruit merchant, and Abraham Anderson, an icebox manufacturer, formed the business that would one day become Campbell Soup Company, and opened their first plant in Camden, New Jersey.

It wasn’t until after Joseph Campbell retired from the company that Campbell introduced its first can of ready-to-eat tomato soup. Later, in 1897, Campbell made an amazing leap forward when John T. Dorrance, a chemist at the company and nephew of the then-president with an interest in French cuisine, invented condensed soup. He created five varieties, including Tomato, which remains one of the top 10 shelf-stable foods sold in U.S. grocery stores today.

By 1911 Campbell’s® soups would receive national distribution and acclaim. As Campbell grew, it acquired new brands like Pepperidge Farm and V8, and created new foods like Campbell’s® Sauces, Chunky soups and so much more. Flip through our 146 year history to learn about our heritage and our brands.