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Taco Stuffed Peppers

Our recipe for Taco Stuffed Peppers gives traditional stuffed peppers a Mexican twist by stuffing the peppers with the delicious flavor of tacos. Crushed tortilla chips are mixed in with ground turkey, corn, black beans and salsa to give this dish authentic taco flavor.  What makes our recipe for Taco Stuffed Peppers even better is that it's on the table in 30  minutes, making it a great choice for weekday dinners.

Buddha Bowls

Our Buddha Bowl recipe using Pace Salsa makes creating a meatless meal easy and fun without sacrificing on taste since Pace delivers bright bold flavors.  Simply combine cubed sweet potatoes, quinoa, black beans, salsa and water and bake.  Then top with fresh avocado or get creative with toppings of your own!  The best part is this nutritious dinner cooks all in one dish making cleanup a breeze.  


Taco Stuffed Shells

We’ve taken two favorite dinners, tacos and stuffed shells, and combined them into one easy recipe that the whole family will love!  Our recipe for Taco Stuffed Shells uses only 5 ingredients that you probably have on hand and takes only 5 minutes to prep.  To make these delicious Taco Stuffed Shells, combine cooked ground beef with Picante Sauce and cream cheese.  Stuff the mixture into pasta shells and top with shredded cheddar cheese.  It doesn't get much better than that! 

Slow Cooker Chili

Our Slow Cooker Chili recipe uses only 5 ingredients and you probably have most of them on hand.  It takes just 5 minutes of prep, so it’s the perfect recipe to pull together before heading out to work in the morning.  We’ve used lean ground beef, so there’s no need to even brown the beef first.  Simply add the ground beef to your slow cooker with chili powder, ground cumin, salsa and kidney beans.  Then set and forget it.  There’s nothing better than coming home to a hot, delicious dinner ready to go!

Taco Bowls

If you or your family are tired of the same old tacos, change things up with our recipe for Taco Bowls. Our recipe uses brown rice, and gives you a full serving of veggies so it's not only easy, but it's a recipe that you can feel good about feeding to your family.  We love the versatility of this quick dinner recipe.  You can make it with chicken, turkey or beef.  We used avocado, lettuce, tomato and kidney beans to complete the bowl, but feel free to customize these bowls with your favorite beans, veggies and cheese.

Thai Ginger Chicken with Yellow Jasmine Rice

Originally developed with Thai Flavor Infused Broth, we’ve updated this recipe to use Swanson® Chicken Broth, coconut milk and ginger for authentic Thai flavor.  Chicken broth is pureed with jalapeño peppers and cilantro then stirred into coconut milk for a unique, complex flavor in a smooth velvety sauce.  If you like some extra spice, leave in a few of the jalapeño seeds. Serve over jasmine rice to soak up every last drop.

Pork Chops and Mustard Onion Gravy

Sautéed boneless pork chops are a great dinner option…here, we add an easy to make mustard-onion gravy that adds terrific flavor to both the chops and the accompanying mashed potatoes.

Pressure Cooker Italian-Style Pot Roast

This classic pot roast with potatoes and carrots can be on the table fast when you cook it in a pressure cooker. It quickly tenderizes the beef and vegetables in a flavorful Italian sauce, and best of all, it tastes as if it's been slow simmering for hours.

Vegetable Curry over Jasmine Rice

A fresh array of colorful vegetables are simmered in a traditional-style red curry sauce made with vegetable broth, coconut milk and curry paste.  This dish cooks quickly on top of the stove and is easy to customize with your favorite fresh vegetables.  Jasmine rice is a fragrant and delicious compliment to the curry flavor, but it’s also wonderful served over hot soba noodles or ramen.  For a heartier but still vegetarian dish, add sautéed tofu.

Spicy Mango Margarita

This margarita with a tropical twist combines mango and pineapple flavors with traditional margarita ingredients.  A dash of hot sauce gives it just the right kick.  A little sweet, tangy and spicy – it’s a perfect drink for warm summer days.