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When we love the taste, we let the splatter fly. Easy recipe ideas to help your family enjoy dinner together.

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Introducing Prego Farmers Market Sauces

Vine-ripened tomatoes picked at the peak of freshness create this line of Farmers’ Market sauces from Prego. Pick up a jar and start creating these family favorites tonight.



Quick and Easy Dinners

Busy schedules require simple suppers. These recipes featuring Prego® sauces can help solve your next dinnertime dilemma!



Amazing Alfredo

These recipes are made with creamy and smooth Prego® Alfredo sauce. Dishes like these make simple weeknight dinners feel like a truly special occasions.



Wholesome & Hearty

These satisfying recipes combine the wholesomeness of fresh veggies and whole grains with amazing flavor. Fill up on some hearty goodness with a little help from Prego®.

Holiday & Entertaining

Quick & Easy Entertaining with Family & Friends

This time of year is busy for all of us. Here are some of our...



Family Favorites

These comfort food recipes are perfect ways to round out a long work day. Dinners made with Prego® sauces quickly become family favorites!

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