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Birthday Bash Planning Tips

Birthday parties can run the gamut from formal sit-down dinners to casual, come-as-you-are open houses. But regardless of the event, the thing you should always focus on is celebrating the guest of honor and having fun doing it. Here are party-planning tips to help ensure that a good time is had by all.

Birthday Bash Planning Tips
  1. Sometimes menu planning is easier with a theme in place. What’s the birthday person’s favorite food? Host an Italian-style supper or a fiesta featuring tacos and fajitas. Or keep it seasonal—make the party a spring brunch, summer picnic, autumn tailgating get-together or an après-ski themed gathering in the winter with fondue and warm drinks.
  2. As you sketch out your menu, be sure to include kid-friendly options if there will be young people at the party. If you’re grilling, make “baby” burgers for the kids and serve them on Pepperidge Farm® Sliders Mini Sandwich Rolls. Or, if the grownups are having enchiladas, include simple quesadillas for the younger crowd. And don’t be afraid to recruit kids to help you with simple, age-appropriate party tasks—little ones can help pick up empty cups, plates and napkins, and older kids enjoy walking among the guests with trays of appetizers and finger foods. Birthdays are a big deal to kids and they love participating.
  3. Make-ahead items are a menu must-have, so be sure to have a few things that can be done a day or two in advance. Dips, like hummus, and salad vinaigrettes are perfect candidates for doing ahead. But you can also thread kabobs, shape burgers or bake cupcakes (freeze the cupcakes, unfrosted, for up to one week. Frost them the day of the party).
  4. Wondering about how many appetizers you should make or how much ice to buy for your get-together? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these Party Basics to help make all your parties perfect!