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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Curly Willow & Pears Theme

Bring a bit of nature to the Thanksgiving table with this elegant, quick-to-assemble arrangement featuring beautiful fall foliage.


For this arrangement, all you need are curly willow branches (or other vine-type branches), brown Bosc pears and accents of bittersweet (a woody vine with bright red-orange berry clusters. Find it fresh at farmer’s markets or florists, or buy artificial branches at craft stores.). Tuck a few votive candles alongside the branches for pinpoints of soft light.

Use gardening shears to cut the branches, then arrange down center of the table, alternating lengths for symmetry.


Arrange pears among the branches. To ensure that they sit upright or at desired angles, balance each pear on a penny.


Classic and traditional, this napkin is simply gathered before securing with a place card, ring or tie. For an interesting presentation, place it sideways on the plate. (These are best created with 18- to 22-inch square napkins.)

Fold a napkin into quarters, forming a square. Pinch three pleats down the center.

Insert the pointed end of the napkin into a place card or napkin ring. Fan out the opposite end of the napkin.


Place Cards

This triangular place card doubles as a napkin ring. For each card, cut heavy paper into a two-inch by eight-inch strip.

Fold a strip in half, open it, then fold the two ends to the crease in the center, forming four square sections.

Write a name on one of the two center sections, then overlap and glue the ends, forming a tent. Be sure the name is on the outside.