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Indian Corn Theme

For an elegant reminder of early Thanksgivings, decorate the holiday table with rich colors and unique textures symbolizing the harvest.

Indian Corn Theme



For this simple centerpiece, arrange multicolored ears of Indian corn upright in a shallow bowl or vase. Surround the bowl with bundled grasses flanked with richly hued, easy-to-make candle arrangements.

Place ribbon-wrapped stems of dried grasses in opposite directions alongside the bowl or vase.

Place dark red votive candles inside vases or hurricanes. Fill with dried kidney beans to the height of the votives.


Here’s an easy napkin fold that fits perfectly onto a dinner plate. Start with a pressed cloth napkin in a color that complements the centerpiece. (These are best created with 18- to 22-inch square napkins.)

Fold the napkin into thirds from side to side, then fold this strip into thirds from top to bottom.

Turn back an open corner to form a pocket. Position napkins on plates with the folded edge facing front.

corn-6_large corn2_large

Place cards

This triangular place card fits the triple fold napkin like a hand in a glove. Just tuck the bottom tip of the card under the fold and it will stand on its own.

Cut 3-inch squares from heavy paper or card stock. Fold in half diagonally and write names so the tip of the triangle points up.

If you want a little extra detail, punch a hole in the top corner of the card, insert raffia or ribbon, then tie and trim the ends.