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Spooky Halloween Potluck Supper Ideas

Put Some “Mood” in Your Food for a Spooky Halloween Potluck Supper

Plan a fun, spooky Halloween potluck supper as part of neighborhood trick-or-treat festivities. Here are ideas for creating the “mood” and spook-tacular food.

The “Mood”

Scary music and sound effects are essential to any Halloween party. Search for spooky playlists on your favorite Internet music provider and play them on a loop for the duration of the party.

Hang orange and black streamers, white outdoor “twinkle” lights and fake cobwebs from the ceiling to create ambience from the top down. Make dry ice “fog” to create atmosphere from the bottom up. To create the fog, purchase dry ice from a grocery store and place in plastic buckets. Cover the dry ice with water—the ice will dissolve and create misty wisps.

To protect your hands, wear heavy canvas gardening gloves when handling dry ice. Keep the fog buckets out of the reach of children.

The Food

From spider web pizzas to scary casseroles and spicy wings, this collection of Halloween-themed food will shift your party into gear.

To make party-planning easy, share cooking responsibilities with friends and neighbors. Give them recipe ideas so the menu is cohesive and varied.