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Sheaves of Wheat Theme

A symbol of a bountiful harvest, wheat sheaves are a gorgeous way to decorate the Thanksgiving table.


To create this tablescape, all you need is a collection of clear glass vases, stalks of wheat and dried beans, rice, popcorn or split peas. Add pillar candles, if desired.

For each vase, tie a small bundle of wheat together with rafia or ribbon, then trim the ends to fit vases.

Add an inch or two of dried beans to each vase. Place the wheat bundles in the beans and fan out to fill.


These simple, chic napkins are a cinch to create. Start with pressed cloth napkins and 12-inch lengths of ribbon. First, lay a napkin out flat over a ribbon. (These are best created with 18- to 22-inch square napkins.)

Fold the two sides parallel with the ribbon to the center. Then roll one end of the napkin to the center to form a tube.

Roll the other end to the center to create a scroll. Tie the ribbon in a simple bow (add the place card before finishing the bow).


Place cards


Tied onto the ribbon, these place cards mimic gift tags. All you need to create them is heavy paper and a paper punch. Position the finished napkin at an angle on each dinner plate.

Cut strips of paper into 1½-inch by 4-inch tags. Punch holes with a paper punch, then write names on the tags.

Thread ribbon through the hole, making sure the name faces out. Finish tying and tuck in a stem of wheat.