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Trunk-or-Treat Celebration

For a fun, different and safe trick-or-treating experience for the kids in your neighborhood, plan a “trunk-or-treat” party!

A Twist on Trick-or-Treating!

Invite friends and neighbors to decorate their cars with outrageous, funny or scary Halloween decorations, then gather in a nearby parking lot (be sure to obtain permission or any necessary permits first) or park the cars at the base of their driveways. Open the trunks, play spooky Halloween music from the car’s CD player and distribute “treats” from the trunk of the car as the neighborhood kids make their way from vehicle to vehicle. Think of it as a Halloween-themed tailgating celebration! Offer prizes for the best decorated car, best or scariest costumes and best “treats”!

Aside from the safety benefits this type of Halloween party offers, this event is as fun for adults as it is for the kids. Of course, tailgating food would be perfect at this party, and you could roll it into a full-fledged community barbecue potluck—here are some of our favorite barbecuing and tailgating dishes you could serve along with the candy: