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Welcome, Baby!

Looking for a new spin on the traditional baby shower? These fresh, fun and creative ideas are just the ticket!

Put a Spin on a Baby Shower

ABCs: This theme, inspired by ABC blocks, is a great way to plan a shower. With the invitations, “assign” each guest a different letter of the alphabet and ask them to bring a gift that starts with that letter. Decorate with alphabet blocks, and carry the alphabet theme into the menu—S is for soup, B is for biscuits, C is for cake, etc.

Peas in a Pod: This theme is especially suited for moms who are expecting twins, but works just as well for anyone. Use spring green as your primary color, enhancing the table and room with vases of white and pink sweet pea stems. Of course, peas should appear on the menu, too! Try a refreshing pasta salad to incorporate peas subtly and deliciously!

Food from Friends: Here’s a unique shower idea that will be appreciated by the mom-to-be even after the baby arrives. At the party, have guests sign up to bring the family prepared foods so that dinner is covered for the first week or two. You can either let guests choose a favorite dish to share or suggest recipes (like lasagna, stew or soup) that reheat easily or could be frozen and eaten later if desired.

Or try this twist: Shower the new mom with tried-and-true kid-friendly recipe ideas – straight from other mothers! Ask guests to bring a recipe of their kids’ favorite dishes so Mom has a repertoire of things to turn to once the baby is a toddler. When it comes to kid-friendly food, you can always use great recipes for mac & cheese, quesadillas and pizza!