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6 Ways to Savor & Flavor with Swanson Stock & Broth

Try these tips to taste the delicious difference Swanson makes in nearly everything you cook

  • You’ll be amazed at how versatile Swanson broth is and how easy it is to use! The broth’s well-seasoned taste is perfect for soups, simmering vegetables, rice, pasta and potatoes, and for adding a little moisture to leftovers when reheating.
  • Curious about how to incorporate Swanson stock in your cooking? Its rich, robust, meaty flavor of stock is ideal for meat dishes, gravies and sauces.
  • Use Swanson broth in your favorite stuffing recipes to add moisture and provide incomparable flavor.
  • To keep meats moist and tender and add a layer of flavor, baste them during roasting with Swanson stock. Or, after sautéing meats in a skillet, add a little stock to loosen the browned bits clinging to the bottom of the pan (this is called “deglazing”) and use this as the base for a simple sauce.
  • Before reheating leftovers, drizzle them with a splash of Swanson broth to add a little moisture and intensify their flavor.
  • Have some leftover stock or broth? Freeze it in an ice cube tray. Then, if a gravy needs thinning or you need just a bit of broth to add moisture to leftovers or smooth out mashed potatoes, just add a cube or two of stock or broth!