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How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

5 Ways to Get Your Family Excited for Veggies

How can someone so little be so picky? Get your kid to eat their veggies – and actually like them – with these parent-tested tips.

1. Get them into the kitchen.

Have your children help make the salad and choose the dressings. Kids are more likely to try something they have helped to make. *Use of any sharp utensils should be supervised by an adult.

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2. Make food fun.

Transform vegetables into veggie animals for young children, by organizing them into silly shapes. Or buy small plastic flower pots, fill them with dip – not dirt – and do some gardening with flower pot vegetables.

“Plant” carrot sticks, broccoli trees, cucumber flowers, fruits and more.

3. Trick kids with foods they like.

But you don’t need to be creative to make kid-friendly vegetable recipes. Dip raw veggies in peanut butter for a snack, or try sprinkling cheese on a side dish for dinner. And while potatoes are already a vegetable, many kids will be more than happy to eat their veggies if they’re mashed into the buttery side dish.

Cook carrots or sweet potatoes with regular potatoes and mash as usual, or add spinach to the potatoes before draining, then mash.

Quick Tip

Kids are more likely to try something they’ve helped to make.

4. Hide veggies in plain sight.

Looking for picky eater recipes and tricks you can use every day? Purée vegetables into a sauce for pasta or meat or add chopped carrots and celery to your meatball mixture. Or try grating zucchini, summer squash or carrots and fry to make vegetable latkes.

5. Let kids help pick out their own vegetables.

Bring kids along to the farmer’s market, grocery store or your backyard garden. They can bring their own bucket or basket and will be more likely to eat – or at least try – what they select.