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5 Ways to Make Meals More Affordable

Follow these tips, and you’ll be surprised how savvy shopping won’t break the bank.

1. Buy cheaper cuts of meat

Meat may be the most expensive item on your grocery bill, but you can save a lot just by purchasing cheaper cuts of meat. In fact cheaper cuts of meat can be tastier, especially when used in the slow cooker. Here are some cheaper alternatives to pricier cuts and a few slow cooker recipes to try out.

  • If you love short ribs try chuck roast. This slow cooker recipe yields a delicious and tender pot roast.
  • If you love pork tenderloin, try pork chops. Yes, pork chops can be cooked in the slow cooker, and after you try this recipe you may never cook them in a pan again.
  • If you love chicken breast, try chicken thighs. Even though it is less expensive, the meat is darker and more flavorful, and this dish featuring mushrooms and red wine tastes like a gourmet meal.
2. Save on ingredients with grocery store specials and seasonal produce.

Plan your meals around what’s on sale at the grocery store each week. Check out your store’s sale flyer in the Sunday paper or go to their website. Hone in on staple ingredients you can use to make various meals, things like meats (see above), produce, or grains and pasta. Generally seasonal produce is cheaper and fresher.

3. Balance the budget with weeknight favorites

Simplify your week and steady the grocery bill with a few go-to meals that the whole family loves. Having some keepers in your weekly rotation helps not only with planning but also with budgeting because you’ll know from experience how much those meals cost and that they will be a success. You can also always revert to these go-to meals when you don’t have the time to cook something new and need a Plan B.

4. Cook from a stocked pantry and use what you have

Nothing derails dinner like finding out you don’t have the right ingredients. Having a pantry stocked with the staples you use most of the time keeps your dinner schedule under budget. Check out this list of pantry must-haves to stock up on the basics. Save money by buying the pantry items you use most often in bulk. Learning a few ingenious ways to swap ingredients also helps in a pinch. Keep track of what’s already in your pantry and fridge, and use it; make a stir fry or stew to use up what’s left in the veggie bin instead of throwing it out.

5. Use tools to keep you on track

Let technology do some of the legwork for you. You can take the stress out of mealtime with a delicious recipe newsletter delivered to your inbox each week by signing up for Meal-Mail®. Just click on ‘subscribe’ below! Or, using the Campbell’s Kitchen app, or Alexa Skill you can save your favorite Campbell’s recipes right to your phone so you can access them quickly while you’re on a grocery store run. The app has that has a built-in cooking timer to help you every step of the way during your preparation and Alexa can walk you through the steps of any of our nearly 3000+ recipes!