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Add a little something extra to your next cocktail or drink mix with some of these insider tips!

  • Freeze slices of lemons, limes or oranges on a cookie sheet covered with plastic wrap. When solid, transfer to resealable freezer bags and keep on hand to add to cold drinks along with ice cubes. The fruit adds flavor and makes an attractive garnish.
  • To prevent watered down iced tea, iced coffee or punch, freeze some of your drink of choice in ice cube trays to use the next time you pour yourself a glass.
  • Ice cubes made from fruit nectar or specialty juices, like tomato or cranberry, add great flavor to iced tea as they melt in the glass.
  • Pipe or spoon extra whipped cream onto a wax paper- or parchment-lined baking sheet and freeze. Use the frozen whipped cream to garnish hot chocolate or hot coffee drinks.
  • To open a champagne bottle, remove the foil and untwist the wire gasket around the cork. Cover the cork with a towel and grasp tightly with one hand. Use your other hand to slowly turn the bottle, gently easing the cork out of the neck.