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How to Save Money Shopping

Shopping and Saving

If you followed just a couple of these tips each week at the grocery store, you'd be amazed at how much money you'd save over time.

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  1. Tough meat cuts, like pork shoulder and chuck roast, are routinely less expensive than steaks or chops. They do require low, slow cooking methods (think stews and braises), but you’ll end up with great tasting, inexpensive dinners that don’t require much work.
  2. Learn to cut up whole chickens. It’s much cheaper than buying precut chicken, and the technique isn’t hard at all.
  3. Don’t forget the coupons, but only buy what you might use, not just what’s on sale.
  4. The flavor of mashed potatoes beaten with butter and milk is hard to beat. Pair them with the simplest cutlet or chop, and you have a first class meal that’s not only easy to prepare, but downright inexpensive.
  5. If a recipe calls for any kind of meat, try cutting it into thin slices. Visually, this gives the impression of volume.
  6. Any time you can use fresh rather than frozen vegetables, do it. They may require a little extra work, but tend to be cheaper (especially when purchased in season) and are definitely more flavorful.