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4 Twists for Casseroles and Leftovers

How do you mix traditional with modern? How do you marry the “tried and true” with sparks of inspiration? When it comes to Thanksgiving classics, we’ve got the answer. Check out our videos and see how we’ve reinvented our famous Green Bean Casserole, holiday sides and leftover recipes to feed every generation with Thanksgiving recipes that never get old!

Green Bean Casserole 4-Ways

From our traditional recipe to inspired new flavor combinations, Green Bean Casserole never tasted so good! Check out these twists on this must-have holiday side.

Holiday Sides 4-Ways

When do the sides become more important than the turkey? When you have irresistible new recipes to showcase on your holiday table. Check out these easy and inventive recipes that will have everyone digging into seconds!

Leftovers 4-Ways

With these 4 recipes for holiday leftovers, you’ll want to make an extra-large turkey so you have enough to try them all! Cozy up to these delicious casseroles that make the most of your holiday bird!