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7 Dinner Recipes Under $10 Each

Keeping a tight grocery budget this week? These carefully crafted recipes are made up of staple ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry, fridge or freezer - such as chicken, ground beef, pasta, onions, and cheese. These ingredients are also versatile so you can make them your own by switching out meats with veggie burger or tofu and by adding different seasonings or vegetables based on what you have handy. Take your cost-savings even further by checking out grocery store specials on meats and seasonal produce, which are usually on sale.

*All recipe costs based on national average

1. Ultimate Chicken Pot Pie. $8.75

As the weather cools off, this perfect comfort food will warm you up. For ultimate convenience, make two and freeze one for later.

2. Chicken Sorrento. $8.50

For a new twist on this favorite dish, serve the chicken over creamy polenta or mashed potatoes instead of pasta.

3. Easy Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas. $6.89

Get rave reviews from the whole family with this quick and affordable recipe. Warning: There are usually no leftovers.

4. Cowboy Chicken Casserole. $8.56

Round up your buckaroos quickly because this delicious southwest dish only takes half an hour to make.

5. Beef Taco Skillet. $5.72

Take tacos to a whole new level. Use veggie burger for a meatless version and add a dash of taco seasoning or even cayenne if you like it hot.

6. Best Ever Meatloaf. $8.72

Sometimes you just can’t improve on a beloved classic. This Campbell’s recipe has been around for decades and still deliver.

7. One Pot Spaghetti Carbonara. $6.51

This one-pot wonder makes a simply delicious recipe easier than ever.