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Chill Out from Summer Heat: DIY Popsicles, Gazpacho & Chilled Dips

Summer is all about fun in the sun! The mercury rises and we seek out flavorful ways to chill out. Look to DIY popsicles, gazpacho and chilled dips to take the heat down a degree or two.

DIY Popsicles

This iconic summer frozen treat isn’t hard to make at all and the flavor possibilities are virtually endless! Simply decide on a base liquid (such as fruit juice) and freeze it in a creative mold. For fun, add a few embellishments like chunks of fresh fruit Let the kids make their own pops, choosing the juice and fruit combos they like. Popsicle molds can be found in most retail stores that stock kitchen equipment or simply use a plastic cup as this recipe recommends.


If you haven’t tried gazpacho, make this the year to do it! Originating from Spain, gazpacho is a refreshing, cold, tomato-based soup that’s best made with summer’s flavorful, ripe vegetables and fruits. Because the soup is not cooked, the produce must be super-fresh for the optimum flavor. Gazpacho is often served as a vegetarian soup but it’s also great paired with seafood such as shrimp and crab.

Chilled Dips

Whether you’re attending an outdoor summer party, relaxing by the pool or just needing a quick snack, a great dip is always nice to have on hand. Cold dips can be a smart choice this time of year—with the abundance of cucumbers, peppers, carrots and cherry tomatoes, it’s easy to increase your daily veggie intake! Try hummus, salsa or a yogurt– or avocado-based dip to keep between-meal nibbles wholesome and delicious.

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