Campbell’s® + Star Wars

Campbell's Star Wars Soups

Disney Star Wars Soup Praetorian Guard

May the M’m! M’m! Good!® Be With You.

Your kids will love Campbell’s® Star Wars varieties because they contain all of their favorite characters. You will love them because your kids will stay entertained. This season, discover the force of Campbell’s® and Star Wars in a supermarket near you.

  • Campbells Star Wars Soup Chewbacca
    No artificial colors. No MSG added.*

    We make our Star Wars varieties without preservatives or artificial flavors, so parents like our soups as much as kids love their taste.

    *Except for the small amount naturally occurring in yeast extract.

  • Disney Star Wars Soup BB8
    Campbell’s® + Star Wars
    No artificial flavors. Lots of fun.

    Be sure to collect all 6 limited edition Star Wars varieties made with ingredients you can trust in playful shapes your kids will love.

  • Campbells Star Wars Can Lineup
    Collect them all
    All Your Favorite Characters

    Kids will delight in the fun pasta shapes and delicious taste.

Powerful Fun

Campbell’s® Star Wars

Explore your favorite flavors from a galaxy far, far away.