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Broth Concentrates

Introducing Swanson® Broth Concentrates! Our beef and chicken concentrates are crafted with the same high-quality ingredients you already know from Swanson® Broth and Stock, providing easily customizable, robust flavor to your cooking. Concentrates are developed with 3 times the flavor intensity*, so when reconstituted with water, an 8 oz. carton will yield up to 3 cups of broth. The convenient 8 oz. cartons store neatly in the pantry and once opened, can be resealed and refrigerated. Swanson® Broth Concentrates are 100% natural and non-GMO, and made with no artificial ingredients or added preservatives. Find them in grocery stores shelved with other Swanson products.

*Compared to regular Swanson Broth

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Customize as you Cook

Swanson® Broth Concentrates are perfect for adding a burst of homemade flavor to your dishes two ways. Just add one part concentrate to two parts water for any recipe that calls for broth. You can also customize the flavor intensity in any of your favorite recipes by simply adding the amount of concentrate to water ratio that you prefer, dialing the flavor up or down to your liking. Use Broth Concentrate as a foundational ingredient in any recipe, and the convenient resealable cartons store neatly in the fridge ready for your next flavorful dish.