Chef Graham Zanow


Chef Zanow, soup and broth executive research chef for Campbell Soup Company, knows that all broths are not the same. In his newly appointed role as Swanson Sommelier, Chef Zanow aims to redefine how consumers think about broth, shedding light on the flavor intricacies and the impact it makes on every dish.
Chef Zanow brings a strong culinary background to the role, starting at the Culinary Institute of America with degrees in Culinary Arts and Culinary Arts Management. He sharpened his skills with world-renowned chef Thomas Keller in his three-Michelin-starred restaurant, The French Laundry.
Chef Zanow also worked as a private chef for a number of professional basketball players in San Francisco, Wisconsin and Phoenix. He explored his passion for fine dining while working at various private country clubs, and helped rebuild their culinary departments from the ground up, positioning food and beverage as a main attraction for club members.
In 2016, following many moves across the country and continued endeavors as a private chef, he joined Campbell Soup Company – parent company to Swanson. Today, he takes part in every step of the broth development process, from the initial idea, to right before it hits shelves to ensure that all broths meet the Swanson gold standard. Chef Zanow believes consistency and commitment to excellence are the two most crucial factors in creating a successful food and beverage operation.
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