4 Ways to Eat Well in 2020

Here are 4 ways to eat well in the New Year along with some delicious soup ideas to help with menu planning.


4 Ways to Eat Well in 2020

Ah, resolutions. They happen every year at this time. And after what was likely a holiday season of indulging and celebrating, a different approach to meals and menus is often welcome when we flip over the calendar. For nearly half of us, a new year is a chance to clean the slate and make positive changes, and more often than not, at least one resolution we make involves tweaking how we want to eat in the coming year. Of course, improving our diets is a noble pursuit, and it’s often easier said than done. But if you’re hoping to make some changes to the way you eat in 2020, may we suggest soup? Here are 4 ways to eat well in the New Year along with some delicious soup ideas to help with menu planning.

1. Eat more healthy fats.

Healthy fats from fatty fish (such as salmon, mackerel and cod) are an important aspect to eating well. This light-tasting  fish soup is a terrific way to enjoy a variety of seafood in one bowl. But if fish isn’t your thing, you can get beneficial fats from other sources like nuts and avocados—we love this unique guacamole soup!

2. Pick more produce.

Mom was right: Eat your veggies. Soups get much of their flavor foundation from mirepoix—the classic combination of onion, carrots and celery—and soup recipes centered around even more vegetables will help ramp up your overall daily intake of produce.  Cauliflower, one of the “it” veggies in the produce aisle right now, makes a creamy (yet dairy-free!) puréed soup, and this white bean and kale soup  is an option for incorporating leafy greens into your meal plan.

3. Explore the world of grains.

Soup is a perfect vehicle for grains, like rice and barley. Quinoa isn’t as widely seen in soups but its mild taste can take practically any flavor profile you give it—try stirring it into brothy soups or use in soups as an alternative to rice or barley. And if a soup recipe calls for pasta, use whole grain varieties.

4. Go vegetarian once a week.

Going vegetarian for 1 or 2 meals a week is a great way to eat well and save money (perhaps another resolution this year?). Bean- and lentil-based soups along with a tossed salad, are a terrific option for meatless meals—the legumes’ high protein content helps fill you up and keep you satisfied.

Regardless of whether or not you make resolutions, best wishes from all of us here at Swanson® for a healthy and happy 2020. We’re looking forward to sharing our kitchen with you!