Slow Cooker Sides



Slow Cooker Sides

The countdown to Thanksgiving is on and now’s the time when we all start making lists, digging out recipes and plotting our menu plans. But one of the biggest challenges of the meal still remains: How in the world do you put together a dinner of this magnitude when oven and stovetop space are at a premium? Well, as you zero in on logistical tactics for this year’s big feast, we’d like to let you in on a little secret that’s probably lurking right in your pantry, and it just might be a game changer for you:
Your slow cooker.

Yes, the virtues of slow cookers are many, but most of us use them primarily for soups, stews and braising large cuts of meat. That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg for a slow cooker. This handy kitchen appliance is a lot more versatile than it’s been given credit for. Did you know that, with a little aluminum foil engineering, you can make stuffing that has the same coveted crispy edges and moist, flavorful center of oven-baked stuffing? It’s true! And mashed potatoes—usually a last-minute duty along with turkey carving and gravy making—is a total breeze with your slow cooker. Bonus! The potatoes will stay hot throughout the meal. If the potatoes or stuffing seem a touch dry before serving, just stir in a drizzle or two of Swanson® broth. Perfect.

It doesn’t stop there. From sweet potatoes and glazed carrots to cornbread (yes, cornbread!), we’re beginning to think that there’s nothing a slow cooker can’t do. How many of you rely on your slow cooker for Thanksgiving meal prep? What secrets do you have for using a slow cooker at Thanksgiving? We’d love to hear them!