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Plant Powered +Hydrate Can Lineup


V8 +HYDRATE® is an isotonic drink that offers superior hydration; made with natural electrolytes from vegetables with hints of fruit for a delicious beverage that replenishes you quickly. V8 +HYDRATE® is a quick rehydration solution that helps you recover whether it’s after a work-out, during your active days outside or after a long night out. With only 45 calories, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and 1 full serving of vegetables, you’ll get the natural and delicious hydration your body deserves.

What Adds Up to Superior Hydration?

Isotonic All Day – Isotonic drinks, such as V8 +HYDRATE®, are absorbed more quickly by your body, helping you rehydrate faster. It’s the unique blend of 50% juice and purified water that makes V8 +HYDRATE® the superior isotonic drink. It has a similar osmolality as your blood and body tissue allowing your body to replenish fluids more efficiently and provide you with optimal hydration!

Naturally Occurring Electrolytes –  When rehydrating it is important to replenish the electrolytes you lose throughout the day. V8 +HYDRATE® has naturally occurring electrolytes from veggies, not from a lab. The key electrolytes in V8 +HYDRATE® are Sodium and Potassium which aid in proper muscle function, maintaining fluid balance, and supporting nerve activity.

A Source of Natural Glucose: Sweet Potato Juice –Glucose is your body’s go-to fuel source, especially when you’re active. Instead of the added sugar found in most sports drinks, the sweet potato juice in V8 +HYDRATE® is a source of natural glucose so that you can skip the unwanted added sugar! We also do not add any dyes or food coloring, the color of V8 +HYDRATE® is naturally occurring from our sweet potato juice.

Crisp and Delicious Taste –Who says hydrating has to be boring? The light and crisp fruit flavors in V8 +HYDRATE® make staying hydrated more enjoyable and the extra boost of vitamin C makes V8 +HYDRATE® the healthy choice! Find out what it feels like to look forward to the hydration your body and your taste buds crave. With Strawberry Cucumber, Orange Grapefruit, and Coconut Watermelon, we’ve got something for everyone to sip on. So go on and open that second can with confidence!

All In: What’s The Best Rehydration Drink?

We think it is a delicious isotonic drink with naturally occurring electrolytes from vegetables and no added sugar.  Pick up a six pack of V8 +HYDRATE® to satisfy all your hydration needs and always keep a cold can on hand for a healthy and refreshing pick-me-up!