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I’m unable to find my favorite Prego product, can you help me locate?

You can locate all our Prego products by using our convenient product locator tool at:  Also, all product pages have a Buy Now feature that helps you order products right from your favorite on-line retailer.

Where can I find coupons for my favorite Prego® products?

We truly value you as a consumer and appreciate your enthusiasm, that’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to share great offers and sales on our products for our raving fans! We frequently provide promotional offers and coupons on our brand websites, our social community- Facebook brand pages- and our online partners (i.e. Ibotta). You can even find great deals on our products in stores near you, local newspapers, magazines, and on product labels.

Can I heat Prego® sauces in the microwave?

The heating instructions for our products are developed by the cooks in Campbell’s Kitchen. These directions are developed after extensive testing is conducted under a variety of conditions using equipment and utensils of varying age, manufacture and quality. Please understand that no two microwaves or ovens work exactly alike and that some materials conduct heat better than others so actual preparation times may vary. For best results, we recommend that you use the package instructions as a guide but watch closely during heating and adjust the cooking time and temperature as needed.

How long are Prego sauces good for after opening?

For Prego Red Sauces, after opening, product quality will vary based on factors including the temperature of the refrigerator where the food is stored, and the amount of time it is left out of the refrigerator. You should always use your best judgment and check the food’s look and smell before consuming it, especially if several weeks have passed since the product was first opened. Of course, the delicious flavor of Prego is best enjoyed closest to when the jar is first opened. For Prego Alfredo and Cooking Sauces, we recommend that you promptly refrigerate unused sauce and use within 3 days after opening. Refrigeration at less than 40 F is recommended.

Product is past the Best Used By Date, can I still use it?

To ensure that our consumers enjoy the best quality product, we print a “Best Used By” date on each container to indicate the expected shelf life of a product.  We recommend that the unopened product be used prior to this date to ensure the best flavor, texture and overall quality. Each of our products is prepared and packaged to maintain its quality and flavor for a reasonable length of time.  However, the shelf life will be shortened if the unopened product is exposed to adverse storage conditions.  To maximize the shelf life of the products you purchase, we recommend that you store non-refrigerated items in a cool dry place where temperatures rarely exceed 70° F.

Are any Prego® sauces vegetarian or vegan?

Yes! We offer various varieties that are considered vegetarian or vegan. Click here to find more products that are vegetarian or vegan.

Do you offer any FODMAP friendly varieties?

Yes. Prego Sensitive Recipe Traditional Italian Sauce is perfect for those who are sensitive to onions or garlic. Enjoy the rich tomato flavor you’ve trusted for years without sacrificing taste or worrying about ingredients that may irritate sensitive stomachs. Perfect on its own over pasta or use it as a base for your own pasta sauce. Click here for more details.

Are any Prego® sauces dairy-free?

Yes! We offer many varieties that are dairy-free, such as our Prego Traditional Sauce. Please review product labels. Dairy containing ingredients that are known allergens will always be identified within the ingredient statement and contains statement where applicable. Click here to find more products to fit your dietary needs.

Do you have any gluten-free Prego® sauces?

Yes! Prego offers a range of gluten free products such as our Farmers’ Market Classic Marinara. Our products undergo a rigorous testing process before being verified gluten free. First, we take the time to verify each ingredient is gluten free. Then, we analyze the finished product to ensure it also does not contain gluten. Click here to find more gluten free products.

What process does Campbell’s® use to ensure gluten-free Prego® sauces are gluten-free?

We have a strict two-step process for validating a product as gluten-free and ensuring that it meets FDA’s criteria for the claim. First, we verify all the ingredients are gluten-free, then we analyze the finished product to make sure it meets all relevant requirements. Additionally, we test finished products periodically to ensure continued compliance.

Where can I find the “Best Used By” date on the jar?

The best use by date is printed on the “shoulder” of the jar. If the date still isn’t visible, pour some of the product out and view the shoulder area again. The black ink against the dark red sauce may be the reason why it’s difficult to view.