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Are the V8® beverage containers recyclable?

Yes, all V8 beverage containers are recyclable.

Are there GMOs in V8® products?

The majority of V8 products are Non-GMO. V8 Bloody Mary Mix is made with sugar and corn containing GMO derivatives. Find out more about our ingredients here.

Does V8® offer organic varieties?

V8 does not currently offer any organic varieties however the majority of V8 products are Non-GMO.

How long is product good for AFTER opening?

Promptly refrigerate any unused product after opening to maintain the best quality. Room temperatures may vary, so be sure to discard any product if the temperature of the room and environment is over 90°F (32°C). After opening, product quality will vary based on factors including the temperature of the refrigerator where the food is stored, and the amount of time it is left out of the refrigerator. You should always use your best judgment and check the food’s look and smell before consuming it.

How long is the product good for BEFORE opening?

For optimal taste, we recommend that you consume V8 beverages on or before the month, day and year stamped on the container before opening. Refrigerate any unused portion promptly after opening.

What are the benefits of potassium?

Potassium is a mineral and an electrolyte that is important for your nervous system and muscle contraction. Potassium can also help maintain healthy blood pressure, which contributes to heart health, and may help blunt the effects of sodium on blood pressure. Current Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that adults consume at least 4,700mg of potassium and no more than 2,300mg of sodium daily. Many of our V8 100% Vegetable Juices provide a good or excellent source of potassium, to help you meet the daily requirement of this important nutrient.

What is in the “natural flavoring” in your ingredient list?

The “natural flavorings” in our ingredient statement come primarily from fruits and vegetables.

Where can I find coupons?

We frequently provide promotional offers and coupons here, our social brand pages- (i.e Facebook and Instagram) – and through our online partners (i.e. Ibotta and Fetch). You can even find great deals on our products in stores near you, local newspapers, magazines, and on product labels.

Where can I find my favorite variety of V8®?

You can locate your favorite variety here.

Which V8® beverages are Gluten Free?

All V8 beverages are gluten free with the exception of V8 Bloody Mary Mix.

Does V8® Bloody Mary Mix contain alcohol?

No, V8 Bloody Mary Mix is non-alcoholic.

How do I make a Bloody Mary?

Click here for delicious Bloody Mary recipes.

How much vitamin K is in V8® Original 100% Vegetable Juice?

Each 8oz serving of V8 100% Vegetable Juices (includes Original, Low Sodium, Spicy Hot and Low Sodium Spicy Hot) contains 9 micrograms (µg) of vitamin K, which is 8 percent of the daily recommendation.

I am watching my sodium intake. Does V8® 100% Vegetable Juice offer any reduced sodium options?

Yes, we offer several delicious (and nutritious!) low sodium varieties of V8 100% Vegetable Juice including Original Low Sodium and Spicy Hot Low Sodium. We also offer V8 Essential Antioxidants which has 25% less sodium than V8 Original and an extra boost of vitamins A, C and E.

What company makes V8® 100% Vegetable Juice?

Campbell Soup Company acquired the V8 brand and secret recipe in 1948. We have been making V8 beverages ever since.

What is Lycopene? Does V8® 100% Vegetable Juice contain Lycopene?

Lycopene is a natural antioxidant found primarily in tomatoes and tomato products. It gives tomatoes their red color. Research suggests that diets rich in tomatoes and tomato products may have long-term health benefits. V8 Vegetable Juice contains 16 mg of lycopene per 8-ounce serving, which is over five times the amount found in a medium-sized tomato.

What is V8® Bloody Mary Mix?

V8 Bloody Mary Mix is the rich and savory key to a perfect Blood Mary, every single time. Our blend of V8 tomatoes, bold Worcestershire flavor and red and black pepper heat is topped off with a delicate dash of onion for a unique taste sensation.

What Vegetable Juices are included in V8® 100% Vegetable Juice?

V8 Vegetable Juice contains the juices of tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach.

Where is the sugar coming from in V8® Original 100% Vegetable Juice?

The sugar is naturally occurring from the vegetables in the juice. V8 Original has no added sugar.

Who invented V8® 100% Vegetable Juice and when?

W.G. Peacock and his son invented V8 Vegetable Juice in 1933 in Evanston, IL. They entered the vegetable juice business as a health craze emerged. They initially tried individual vegetable juices, like dark leafy greens and beets, but found those to be extremely unpalatable. So they experimented with blending multiple vegetables together, some chosen for their high nutritional content and others for their natural sweetness, like carrots and tomatoes, to balance the flavor.

Are there any artificial colors in V8 +ENERGY® drinks?

V8 +ENERGY drinks do not contain any artificial colors.

Are there any artificial sweeteners in V8 +ENERGY® drinks?

Yes, some of our varieties contain sucralose. Sucralose adds sweetness and flavor without contributing added sugars or calories. Although sucralose does not occur naturally, it is safe to use in all food products. For those who prefer a drink without sucralose, you can try Strawberry Banana flavor, made with Stevia. Click here to see the full line of V8 +ENERGY.

Do V8 +ENERGY® drinks need to be refrigerated BEFORE opening?

No. V8 +ENERGY drinks do not need to be refrigerated before opening. However, we recommend enjoying V8 +ENERGY chilled.

How much caffeine is in V8 +ENERGY® drinks and how does this compare to other caffeinated beverages?

V8 +ENERGY 8 oz cans and 12 oz Sparkling cans contain 80 milligrams of caffeine. Our 11.5oz V8 +ENERGY drink contains 115 milligrams of caffeine. An average cup of coffee contains 90 milligrams of caffeine (Reference: USDA Food Composition Database).

Is there added sugar or high fructose corn syrup in V8 +ENERGY® drinks?

No. V8 +ENERGY drinks contain NO high fructose corn syrup or other added sugar.

Where does the caffeine come from in V8 +ENERGY® drinks?

All V8 +ENERGY drinks contain natural caffeine from green tea.

Do you have a juice that is lower in calories?

Yes, V8 Fruit & Vegetable Blends come in Lower Sugar and Light options. These varieties are all under 80 calories per serving.

Does V8® Fruit & Vegetable Blends contain any artificial sweeteners?

V8 Fruit & Vegetable Blends 100% Juices and Lower Sugar varieties do not contain any artificial sweeteners. They are naturally sweet from the vegetable and fruit juices. V8 Fruit & Vegetable Blends Light varieties do contain sucralose. Sucralose is sometimes sold under the brand name Splenda.

How much vitamin K is in V8® Fruit & Vegetable Blends Healthy Greens Juice?

Each 8-ounce serving of V8 Fruit & Vegetable Blends Healthy Greens contains 11 micrograms (µg) of vitamin K, which is 9 percent of the daily recommendation.

Is there added sugar or high fructose corn syrup in V8® Fruit & Vegetable Blends?

V8 Fruit & Vegetable Blends (Light, Lower Sugar & 100% Juice varieties) contain NO added sugar and NO high fructose corn syrup. The sugar is naturally occurring from the fruit and vegetable juices. See nutrition information for calories and sugar content.

What is the difference between V8® Fruit & Vegetable Blends 100% Juice, Lower Sugar and Light varieties?

V8 Fruit and Vegetable 100% Juice varieties are naturally sweetened from the vegetable and fruit juices and contain a full serving of vegetables (1/2 cup) and a full serving of fruit (1/2 cup). V8 Fruit and Vegetable Blends Lower Sugar varieties are 75% juice, contain 30% less sugar than leading 100% juices and are naturally sweetened from the vegetable and fruit juices, and contain 1 1/2 combined servings of vegetables and fruit (3/4 cup). V8 Fruit & Vegetable Blends Light varieties are 50% juice, contain 50% less sugar and calories than leading 100% Juice varieties and contain some sucralose to help deliver a delicious sweet taste, and contain a combined serving of vegetables and fruit (1/2 cup).