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V8® = Vegetables = Good!

Our goal has always been to get more veggies into people’s diets. V8 100% Vegetable Juice is made with different vegetables and the result is a unique and satisfying juice blend that’s full of essential nutrients your body needs.

Our Nutrients

97% of people do not include enough potassium in their diets. This important electrolyte is involved in muscle contraction, fluid balance, and other essential cell function.

Vitamin A – an antioxidant that helps with vision, supports your immune system, and other cellular functions.

Vitamin C – an antioxidant that’s important for your skin, bones, collagen production and helps support your immune system.

Lycopene – an antioxidant that gives tomatoes their red coloring and may help protect cells from damage.

And last but not least, flavorful and fantastic Vegetables!

Did you know that 91% of people fall short of their daily recommended amount?  Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, veggies can help promote weight management when eaten in place of higher calorie foods, and overall help keep you feeling your best!

The V is For Vegetables

And V8 has a lot of ‘em. Sometimes it can be challenging to get your daily dose of veggies, but V8 is an easy and satisfying way to help meet your daily needs. To be exact – 2 servings in each 8oz. glass of this delicious veggie juice with no sugar added and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Taste the unquestionable goodness of the blend of tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach.

What Are The Benefits Of Vegetable Juice?

Drinking vegetable juice on the go is a super convenient and lower calorie option than a sugary juice. Not to mention, adding vegetables to your day is an important part of a healthy diet. Short on time or haven’t had a chance to pick up some produce? V8 can jumpstart your day, be your satisfying afternoon snack and even help curb those late night cravings! V8=Vegetables=Good.