• Natural Energy from Tea‌

    An afternoon nap isn’t happening, so you need a V8 +Energy®. The tea in every can gives you STEADY energy you can feel good about. And it’s only half the sugar of the leading energy drink.

  • Fruit + Vegetable Nutrition‌

    When you drink a V8 +Energy, you’re getting a combined serving of fruits and vegetables. But those servings also include Vitamin C and an excellent source of B vitamins. Deliciously blended from Fruits and Vegetables! Explore the full line of V8 +Energy products here.

  • V8 +Energy Sparkling: Better Than Ever!

    That’s right, V8 +Energy Sparkling® is back!  Now in four delicious flavors: Orange Pineapple, Strawberry Kiwi, Black Cherry and Lemon Lime! Each 11.5oz can provides you with the same 80mg of natural caffeine from tea and are made with no added sugar.  All of the benefits you love about V8 +Energy are now available with a bubbly boost! Grab a can V8 +Energy Sparkling so you can take on whatever is next!

V8 +Energy vs. Other Drinks

  • V8 +Energy has 80mg of caffeine
  • V8 +Energy has 60 calories per can
  • V8 +Energy has 12g of sugar & no added sugar!