• Natural Energy from Tea‌

    An afternoon nap isn’t happening, so you need a V8 +Energy®. The tea in every can gives you STEADY energy you can feel good about. And it’s only half the sugar of the leading energy drink.

  • Fruit + Vegetable Nutrition‌

    When you drink a V8 +Energy, you’re getting a combined serving of fruits and vegetables. But those servings also include Vitamin C and an excellent source of B vitamins. Deliciously blended from Fruits and Vegetables! Explore the full line of V8 +Energy products here.

V8 +Energy vs. Other Drinks

  • V8 +Energy has 80mg of caffiene per 8oz serving.
  • V8 +Energy has 60 calories per 8oz serving and is the only drink listed that has 1 full serving of Veggies and Fruit!
  • V8 +Energy is the only drink listed that has no added sugar and only 12 grams of sugar per 8oz serving.