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Our Story

William Gilbert Peacock was a passionate entrepreneur, bringing delicious affordable vegetable nutrition to market during the food crisis of The Great Depression. In 1933, he and his son sought to make sure that everyone was able to have the benefits of vegetables in their diet and that nutrition was accessible to all.

Through trial and error and a basement full of veggies they juiced and blended, all by hand, many different varieties until they found the perfect mixture of tomato and seven other vegetables. Just like that V8 was born: delicious juice blends and accessible nutrition, that’s what V8 stands for!

V8 quickly outgrew the basement and along the way added some amazing family owned farms and a few plants to help blend our veggies, but the mission remains the same today as it did when V8 started: Veggies are for everyone. Plain and simple.

V8 still has a thirst to give everyone the goodness of veggies, while making sure the needs for more energy, a nutritious snack or a refreshing way to hydrate, are always met with delicious flavor. Achieve more, nourish well and drink V8.

Is V8 Good For You?