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What’s In V8® Juice?

V8 has always been rooted in goodness and we have always worked towards creating easier and more delicious ways to help you get your veggies and fruit. V8 uses millions of ripe tomatoes each year for our vegetable juices so we work with family farmers across the country from California to New York to help us grow some of the most delicious vegetables!

Our V8 family is also conscious about its impact on the environment. Our farmers and employees work hard to reduce the amount of water used to grow our veggies and make our juices. We work with our farms and factories to deliver you the goodness of veggies straight from the ground to your glass.

Key Ingredients


Whether it is a fruit or a vegetable we love it just the same! V8 is more concerned with how our tomatoes are grown and cared for. Planted and raised in California by family farmers, many of who have been with V8 for generations, our ripe tomatoes are then harvested and transported directly to our nearby plants to be washed, peeled, and pureed.


We use a wide variety of vegetables in V8. From our Original Vegetable Juice to our energy drinks and even in our fruit blends, every beverage we make has at least a half serving of veggies in each glass*! Carrots, celery, beets, watercress, spinach, sweet potatoes, purple carrots and many more unique vegetables are used to create amazingly tasty drinks!


V8 also uses enticing fruits like: tropical mangos, subtly tart blueberries, pomegranates, juicy strawberries, and many others to create fan favorite blends as well as exciting new flavors! Purposefully blended to add natural sweetness and create unique & delicious flavors for the whole family!

What’s Not In V8?

We carefully select the ingredients that go into our products but what we DON’T put in is equally as important to us.

  • Added Sugar: the natural sugars in our veggies and fruit provide the sweetness you love without the unwanted added sugar.
  • GMO Ingredients: We talked to thousands of consumers and learned that they want to know when GMOs are in their food. You have told us that you prefer products that are made without GMO ingredients, so we listened. Since 2019, a vast majority of our products are Non-GMO.**
  • BPA Packaging: We also choose packaging for our juices that are environmentally-friendly. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, it’s an industrial chemical that is found in certain plastics. We know that BPA is a concern for our customers, so our bottles are made with recyclable plastic and do not contain BPA.

*Depends on variety and serving size. Check labels for more information.

**The only product remaining in the V8 portfolio containing GMO ingredients is V8 Bloody Mary. The sugar and vinegar used in this product contain GMO derivatives.

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