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Plant-Powered Nutrition.

V8® Fruit & Vegetable Blends

V8 Blends Lower Sugar and V8 Blends 100% Juice are delicious, healthy options for those looking for a perfect blend of vegetables and fruit. Veggie Blends are a refreshing mix of 75% fruit and vegetable juice and 25% pure water, while V-Blends is 100% juice. Both have no added sugar, flavors or preservatives – and give you a full serving of vegetables in a glass.

Key Ingredients

Vegetable Juices

We use a wide variety of vegetables to create our delicious blends. Our quality carrot juice is mainly from California, other vegetables including spinach, beet, and yellow carrot juice are sourced from farmers in North America when seasonally available. Our sweet potatoes and purple carrots are sourced internationally

Fruit Juices

We use a variety of fruit juices including apple, grape, mango puree, kiwi, strawberry, and many more to add natural sweetness and create uniquely flavored juices. These juices are sourced within the U.S. and internationally.

Other Ingredients

• Citric acid: We add citric acid to control the acidity of our products to ensure product safety. Our citric acid is derived from Non-GMO sources.

• Malic Acid: We add it for tartness and flavor and to maintain the safety of our products. Although naturally-occurring in many fruits and vegetables such as apples and grapes the malic acid we use is manufactured.

• Natural Flavors:: Our natural flavors are primarily derived directly from fruits and vegetables. No animal products are used in the natural flavoring for V8 juices.

• Sucralose: Sucralose is in V8 V-Fusion Light varieties. We add it for sweetness and flavor without increasing added sugars or calories. Although sucralose does not occur naturally, it is safe to use in all food products.

• Vitamin A (Beta Carotene): The Vitamin A in V8 Fruit & Vegetable Juice Blends products is provided through the addition of Beta Carotene. The vitamin A for V8 Blends Carrot Mango and Orange Carrot comes from beta carotene naturally present in the carrot juice. Your body converts beta carotene to Vitamin A.

• Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C): Ascorbic acid is another name for vitamin C. It occurs naturally in many foods and we add it to replace the naturally-occurring vitamin C that may be lost during preparing and cooking the juice. It is considered an antioxidant