• V8® Vegetable Juice

    This is the original V8 juice that started it all. We’re proud to say that it’s as delicious as ever with only 30 calories, one full servings of vegetables and a good source of vitamins A & C all in our convenient 5.5oz can. Find out more about the nutrients and benefits of V8, the original plant-powered drink.

Vegetable Replenishment

You know that nutrition is important but sometimes it feels easier to grab a bag of chips than a healthy snack. V8 is here to help make better snacking decisions a little easier so you can stay on track. Even after a light jog, reach for a V8 instead of a high calorie protein bar for guilt-free and satisfying replenishment your body craves.

Don’t make nutrition a chore, learn how to keep it simple with a satisfying snack like V8!

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