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Kid’s Soup

From the big screen to your soup bowl!

Your kids will love Campbell’s® Kid’s soup varieties because they contain pasta inspired by all of their favorite characters. You will love them because your kids will stay entertained with pasta shapes that remind them of Elsa, Kylo Ren, Chase, and more. Discover Campbell’s® Kid’s chicken soups in a supermarket near you!

All Kid’s Soups

Kids Soup in Bowl

No artificial colors. No MSG added.*

Our specially shaped pasta is combined with tender chicken meat with no antibiotics and simmered together in a golden chicken broth. Made without artificial flavors or colors and with no MSG added*, parents like our chicken soup as much as kids love its taste.

*Except for the small amount naturally occurring in yeast extract.

Pasta shapes from Pups to Princesses

We work with a local pasta company to bring your favorite movie and TV characters to your kids’ bowls of chicken soup!