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From game day to memorable parties and gatherings, Pace® is there to kick up appetizers, dips, side dishes and all those recipes your guests crave.


Game Day Recipes

From dips to wings and everything in between, no game day or party plan is complete without Pace® sauces headlining the menu!

Dip Recipes

Take ordinary dip recipes to extraordinary with this creative collection featuring Pace® sauces. Break out the chips and veggies! It’s time to take the plunge!

Appetizer Recipes

Grab a jar of Pace® and start perfecting your favorite appetizer recipes with bold, exciting flavor!

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

There are so many delicious ways to celebrate the best of Cinco de Mayo! Throw a party that offers something for everyone!

Summer Inspired Recipes

Fresh summer flavors collide in this collection of recipes perfect for relaxing in the sun.

Side Dish Recipes

You can never have too many side dish recipes. These ideas show just how easy it is to add Pace® to any meal.

Didn't find the recipe you're looking for?

There are endless ways to add excitement to any meal or snack with Pace®!