Sweet Korean BBQ
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Sweet Korean BBQ

Something different and delicious! Roasted ginger, sesame and soy sauce balance this rich, sweet sauce. Just pour over beef and slow simmer for a dish with amazing flavor that’s surprisingly simple to make.

How to Make

How to Make Sweet Korean BBQ

Sweet Korean BBQ

Ingredients You’ll Need
  • Boneless beef chuck roast (2 to 3 pounds)
  • Slow cooker (6 quart size recommended)
3 Simple Steps
  • 1

    Place beef into slow cooker. Pour sauce over beef. (no need to add water)

  • 2

    Cover and cook on low 7-8 hours or until beef is fork-tender (or cook on high 4-5 hours).

  • 3

    Shred beef and mix with sauce.

Try it with...

Follow the package directions, but make a simple swap or improvise with your favorite proteins, starches and veggies.
^For chicken: cover and cook on LOW 6 to 7 hours or until fork-tender. (Or cook on HIGH 3 to 4 hours; recommended when using chicken breasts)

Swap your

2-3 lbs pork chops or shoulder


2-3 lbs bone-in or boneless chicken breasts or thighs^

Add up to 2 cups to Slow Cooker




Pair with a



Flour tortillas (tacos)

or make it your own!